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From Barnes and Noble, you can purchase a gloss cover hardback version of Ghost Text for $15.50. The paperback version is coming soon.

Autographed copy of Ghost Text – Hardback

If you would like a signed copy of Ghost Text shipped to your house, this option is for you. Email with any questions or concerns.



Jerry was the first member of Barnes Brothers Books to have a book published. His book My Family’s Great Smoky Mountains Adventure includes photographs taken by his mom, dad, brother James, and him.

You can buy Jerry’s book, My Family’s Great Smoky Mountains Adventure, from two retailers.

From Barnes & Noble, you can purchase a gloss cover hardback book for $20.00, and a gloss cover paperback version for $15.00.

A favorite version of our readers is the paperback published by Lulu. Although Barnes & Noble does provide thick, durable pages for the interior of the book, the pages are not glossed. Lulu provides a gloss cover paperback book with gloss pages on the inside. This really makes the photographs pop off of the pages. This version can be purchased for $17.50.

Choose the version that is best for you!

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Upcoming books

Ghost Text by James Barnes – 2019

Mighty Mint: 30 Ways to Incorporate Mint into your Dishes and Drinks by Gardener Shicole – 2020

Xander and the Swamp Monster by Shawnta S. Barnes – 2020

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